Eve Was Framed

Women and British justice

Eve was framed book cover Helena Kennedy's remarkable book casts a cool and superbly informed eye on the law's inadequacies. The essence of her case is that justice is compromised because, too often, the people who are caught up in an already flawed legal process are judged on grounds that have nothing to do with the facts of their cases. Those most susceptible to this injustice are women, the young, the working class, immigrants, the Irish, black people and homosexuals.

This is a cogently argued examination of how the British legal system ignores, downgrades, underrates and discriminates against women … Kennedy has properly argued that a profession that practises law and pursues justice must be seen to be just, reasonable, unprejudiced and open to public scrutiny.


Julia Neuberger, Sunday Times

A powerful and authoritative polemic … Kennedy cites precedents and incontrovertible evidence to show how a 'web of prejudice, privilege and misinformation affects women' in all their dealings with the law … brave, forceful and eloquent. It may even change things.

Jessica Mann, Sunday Telegraph

Eve Was Framed is published by Vintage, price £8.99. It can be purchased from all good bookshops and from Amazon.